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The Archangel Sequence, Mike Booth – Aura-Soma

The  Aura-Soma Archangel Sequence is an introduction to the energetic aspect of the interconnectivity that all human beings experience. Often our physically limits our consciousness to our body however during these days we will begin to explore how we can extend beyond that.
We are connected and in sync with so many energies that support our sense of life purpose; why we’re here, what we’re here for and the way we’re to do what we’re to do. The Archangels reflect the specifics of these purposes and not only can we call on them on them for support but through developing our connection with them we will find how their mission and purpose can be of assistance to us. If it is that we’re able to get in touch with the Archangels from the Aura-Soma point of view, the combinations of colour, the energies of crystals and gems, the energies of the herbs and the plants, we might find that these things have been selected to support this work of interconnectivity. Through working with the Archangels and Aura-Soma we will discover how the support mechanisms from the Archangelic realm, are there to support the human realm. When each of us is born we are born with specific energies that are associated with the angles or angels of our birth time or natal position. Those three Angels; the Intellect Angel, the Heart Angel and The Guardian Angel also have an interconnectivity with the Archangels. The sequences we’re going to work with during these days is one which is specifically linked to the individual and collective aspects of Archangelic energy.

Date and Time: 20. – 22. September 2021, 10:00 – 17:00
Location: Hotel Vötterl, Salzburgerstraße 54, 5084 Großgmain
Price: € 699.-


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September 20 2021


Start: September 20 @ 10:00
End: September 22 @ 17:00
Kosten: €699.
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